Why is it Important to Remove Wisdom Teeth

graphic showing wisdom teethWisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow in your mouth. They appear either in your late teens or early twenties. They are often misaligned and have the tendency to damage the jaw bone, the teeth around them and the nerves. Therefore, it is recommended a lot by dentists to get them extracted. However, in some cases, they are better for your mouth and are aligned. In these cases, there is no need for their removal.

Dentists suggest that wisdom teeth should be extracted because sometimes they grow only halfway and can prove to be the breeding ground for bacteria and serious infections. Since they are very far inside, they cannot be properly cleaned and always have a chance of rotting and causing excruciating pain. So it is considered better to remove them.

You should go to your dentist and have an x-ray and proper examination. If the wisdom teeth have appeared and they are a problematic appearance, your dentist will suggest removal and you should have them extracted. It is all worth the pain.

The real reason for the removal includes the less room in your mouth for more teeth. It is possible that you don’t have enough space in your mouth to give room to a new set of teeth. This will not stop wisdom teeth from expanding, and therefore, they will damage the adjacent teeth, causing pain and infection.

Mouth and nose are connected. If your wisdom teeth are creating problems, it is possible for them to create sinus issues. It can include congestion, pain or a runny nose too.

Moreover, the gums around the troublesome wisdom teeth can get swollen and are painful. It will also become harder to clean them since they will be all swelled up now. These swollen gums can create empty spaces between the teeth and give birth to cavities.

Further, the wisdom teeth can seriously mess with any dental procedure you already have done. They can mess with the work of braces or any kind of artificial tooth, etc.

Since there are so many problems associated with the wisdom teeth, if you think you have got them, go to Dental Cosmetic Spa for a free evaluation and see if they need removal.